The Citadel Memorial Europe exists to:

– Respectfully honor and remember the Citadel Men who died in WWI and WWII while in the service of their country and its allies
– Research, collect, and share their stories with an extra focus on their time at The Citadel
– Raise awareness and knowledge about them within The Citadel community
– Raise awareness with other memorial groups of the bond between these men and The Citadel
– Recognize and connect with the people who have adopted overseas graves and memorials
– Be a ready resource for Citadel alumni, cadets, students, faculty, family and friends living in Europe
or visiting from overseas

The Citadel Memorial Europe is a volunteer, not-for-profit project initiated by Roger Long, a 1989 graduate of The Citadel. Because this memorial project cannot exist without capable leadership, volunteers and financial support, Stichting The Citadel Memorial Europe Foundation was officially established in 2013. The Foundation’s office is located in Heythuysen, Netherlands, and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, KvK nr. 58224432. Our email address is [email protected]

The Foundation’s Board of Directors

Roger Long, ’89, MBA, Chairman
Maurice Heemels, PhD, Vice Chairman
Harm Lamakers, ’88, MA, Treasurer
Willem Kiggen, MEd, Secretary
Karen Shuler, ’91, ME – Corresponding Member
Steve Smith, ’84, MA – Corresponding Member
Spiff Walsh, ’92, BS – Corresponding Member

Official Registration and Reporting
The Foundation is officially headquartered and registered in the Netherlands. The Foundation operates under Dutch law and reports its business accordingly. Information is available on this website, in Dutch, to meet the reporting requirements of the Dutch authorities. See our Over ons page.

While there are personal ties, frequent contact, and a good relationship between members of the Foundation’s Board and The Citadel, the Foundation has no legal or official association with The Citadel or any of its entities nor is it bound in any way.

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