Legend of The Boo

I met Col. Bill DeMarco, USAF, ’88 last May at Cambridge American Cemetery, where, together, we paid our respects to the Citadel Men resting and memorialized there. We talked about the school, why we went there, what we had gone onto after graduation…military service, life, family, faith, God, and, ultimately, leadership. We also prayed together…reciting The Cadet Prayer at the grave of 2Lt. Richard Louis Engel, ’44. I have followed Bill’s leadership blog everyday since then, and I am never disappointed. Today, he let Pat Conroy ’67 do the writing…sharing his eulogy for a Citadel graduate, Lt. Col. Thomas Nugent Courvoisie ’38, known as “The Boo”, who was larger than life…and who remains a real legend. Reading Conroy’s eulogy made my spine tingle as visions of cadet life came back to me…read on…/RL