George Roland Weeks

  • Date of birth 26-May-05
  • Hometown Long Beach
  • Family Caroline L. Weeks (wife)
  • Service Number 4479
  • Function CDR Co K 3/4 Marines
  • Theater Pacific
  • Status KIA/POW
  • Casualty details PW, Died or Killed, KIA, Unknown location. Surrendered on Corregidor
  • Place of death Camp Moji (Hospital) Fukuoka #4 (same as 775) Kyushu Island 34-131
    Status: Executed, Died in Ship's Sinking or Result of Ship Sinking, Shot While Attempting Escape
    Notes: Brazil Maru - Transported survivors of Enoura Maru to Japan (13 - 29 January 1945). Some POWs died in transit. Source:
    POW Transport Ship: December Sinkings: See code in previous field (REP). (B)DS=Brazil Maru; (E)DS=Enoura Maru; (O)DS=Oryoka Maru; (X) Died during transportation from Olongapo to San Fernando, PI.
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