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Normandy Trip 2012 Agenda

I am sharing this so that maybe you can use it as a basis if you ever have the chance to visit Normandy. There are museums and memorials around almost every corner, and it can be difficult to determine beforehand from the guidebooks which are the quality, must-sees.

Our trip leader, Willem, history teacher and WWII expert, put the agenda together based upon his many visits to the D-Day beaches. It looks like a lot. It was a lot. But it was not over-the-top. We still had plenty of time to relax at a café for a cup of coffee in the morning and a beer or sparkling cider in the afternoon. We were back at the hotel on average around 9.30 p.m. We would have a drink together, and then the younger cohort would stay out awhile longer. The 8 a.m. start was easily made by everyone, and the breakfasts of orange juice with fresh croissants, baguette, ham and cheese was the perfect way to start each day’s adventure.                            

Detail of memorial at La Fiere.

Day 1:

+/- 7.30          Depart Sittard, Netherlands for Grandcamps-Maisy, France
+/- 15.00        Arrive Hotel Duguesclin
16.30               Visit Pointe du Hoc
18.00               Visit to German cemetery at La Cambe
19.00               Dinner in Isigny
20.30               Visit to Iron Mike monument at La Fiere

Normandy American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-mer

Day 2:

8.00                 Depart hotel. Breakfast on the way.
9.00                 Visit to Omaha Beach Museum Vierville-sur-mer/St.-Laurent-sur-mer
11.00               Visit American cemetery at Colleville-sur-mer.
14.00               Visit Musée memorial de la Bataille de Normandy Bayeux.
16.30               Visit the city of Bayeux (Tapistry of Bayeux and Cathedral)
19.00               Dinner in Bayeux
21.00               Visit to German battery at Longues-sur-mer

C-47 on display at the Merville Battery Museum.

Day 3:

8.00                 Depart hotel. Breakfast on the way.
9.00                 Visit to Merville Battery
10.30               Visit Pegasus Bridge museum in Benouville
12.30               Depart for Ouisterham
13.30               Visit Musée Le Grand Bunker at Ouisterham
16:00               Visit to Arromanches 360 bioscoop
17.30               Visit to the Mullberry Harbour museum in Arromanches
19.00               Dinner in Arromanches

Stained glass window in the church at St.-Mere-Eglise.

Day 4:

8.00                 Depart hotel. Breakfast on the way.
9.00                 Visit to the Deadman’s Corner Museum, St.-Come-du-Mont
10.30               Visit to Hancock Field memorial in Carentan
11.00               Vist to the Airborne museum, St.-Mere-Eglise.
13.00               Visit to Ste. Marie-du-Mont, Manoir de Brecourt (Band of Brothers)
14.00               Visit to German batteries at Crisbecq and Azeville.
15.00               Visit to Museum Quineville.
16.00               Drive along the coast in direction of Utah Beach.
17.00               Visit Utah Beach.
18.15               Visit memorial marker at Brix for 1LT Richard Lee Mann, ‘44 and his B-17 aircrew.
19.00               Dinner in Valognes.

Memorial at Brix to the crew of the B-17 “Rovin’ Ramona II”.

Day 5:

8.00                 Depart hotel for The Netherlands.


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